Following on from the AGM the committee have sent a formula for a Group 2 class of cars to compete for their own championship within and in conjunction with Pre65 series championship.

The general description and basic set of regulations of a Group 2 car


The following was agreed:

  • General description of a Group 2 car (being a car as generally described under schedule P65) post 65 cars accepted, providing the proposed car is based on a Pre65 car, example being a Mustang, all group 2 cars to be approved by the committee.
  • It is accepted Group 2 cars may have larger capacity brakes and LSD type traction devices, Nominal wheel maximum 16”. 17” option upon application.
  • NO SLICKS. Dot rated treaded tyre only. It is a recommendation that all group 2 cars use Kumho tyres.
  • No forced induction or fuel injection. Carburettors only
  • The official invitational form is available on the web site
  • Membership fees apply to all group 2 cars either by joining Pre65 RS or by paying a $20 race meeting weekend membership fee and/or joining Pre65 as a full member for $90.00 single membership or $100.00 for Family membership.
  • All Group 2 cars entered must have a Kumho windscreen banner, at the top of the windscreen, no others banners are permitted.
  • All Group 2 cars entered, the committee has asked if the Pre65 door sponsors and Kumho stickers could be applied to the cars, this is an optional request by the Series Coordinator.
  • Group 2 cars will be subject to a maximum lap time breakout rule based on the established Pre65 lap record for that track; these times will be published on the track bulletin board and available from the Series Coordinator.
  • Group 2 Championship will be based on existing P65 Championship, overall and classes, with trophies and certificates given out at the AGM/Prize giving.
  • Group 2 Cars: Any Driver breaking the previously published and set maximum lap time (‘break-out time’) during any Race at that meeting (the ‘break-out time’) shall have a fifteen(15) second time penalty added to their overall race time of that Race.